"According to our assessment, the cooperation was model in every aspect, significantly going beyond accepted standards and mutual obligations. Your commitment and professionalism led to efficient preparation and staging this ambitious project in such a short time and under extreme organizational conditions with many administrative barriers".

Promotion Director - Polish Chamber of Commerce
Bogdan Galewski

"Max Media is a professional contractor with the highest level of factual and logistic knowledge about organizing huge and prestigious enterprise. Everyone at the Max Media that we were honoured to cooperate with, is expert and competent which made the effects spectacular".

Event Manager at AVIVA
Katarzyna Fiszbach-Piwowar

"Cooperation with you was incredibly comfortable, not only were you a source of ideas, made an efficient organizing and professional staging of the event but also you took all the preparation burden from us, e.g. working with offices or getting necessary permits. In our and the guests opinion, the convention was an amazing event, which have been noticed and would be kept for long in participants' memory".

President of DOZ SA
Piotr Kocman

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